Baseus Rock-solid Electric Holder Wireless charger Black

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Baseus Rock-solid Electric Holder Wireless Charger

Ecstasy from Technology.Automatic opening with infrared induction Horizontal play back as stable as before

Touch and open in 0.1 second

New Smart Holder Experience Touch the metal sensing button at the upper right edge and the holder will open automatically

Locking Phone via lnfrared Induction

When the smart infrared sensor detects the mobile phone the holder automatically closes to lock the phone

9 Major Upgrades

Occupy the technical high ground of vehicle mounted holder

Aviation Alloy Clamping Arm

The clamping arm is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, which is firmly clamped even on the bumpiest road

Abnormal Sound, BreakingThrough Industry Standard

Use after connected to the power supply, the electrically controlled metal clamping arm is extremely stable andis completely free from abnormal sound.

Turn on Quick Charge In 1 Second

Smart identification of IP and Android phones

10W High Power

Thickened pure copper coil speeds up 60%, faster and easier Charge in the car, and fully charged when off

Multiple protection

Nine Major Protection Safety is Guaranteed

Horizontal playback as stable as before

Support 360° Rotation Adjustable Angle as You Wish

Strengthened Spring Firm Clamping

Silicone feet for stable support Never hurts air outlet and blades