Floating Car Waist Pillow & Headrest

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Baseus Floating Car Waist Pillow kit

Take Care of Your Neck to Avoid Driver Fatigue

Original Design of a Floatation Tank

The shape of floatation tank and unique patchwork fabricare an original design which perfectly matches the car in-terior. we applied for national design patent and the patent number is ZL202030594898.6.

Slow-rebound Memory Foam Developed by NASA

Slow-rebound memory foam used in the inner cushionwas developed in 1966 by the U.S.space agency INASAl torelieve the pressure on the back of astronauts in thespace shuttle after liftoff. It can cushion rnore than 10times of pressure and support human body in a scientificway[1]. Eco-friendly memory foam is fully cured on ahanging production line to eliminate odors.
*Data is from Baidu Baike.

Zero Pressure to Enjoy Driving

Slow-rebound memory foam inner cushion adopts molding technique to offer small andplump gaps between molecules, which canevenly and quickly disperse the pressure bringing a pressure-free experience like in a
suspension tank.

Automatic Reshaping to Fit Body Curves

The memory foam can be automatically reshaped according to the pressure from the waist and neck and slowly rebound in 3~5 sec-onds, praviding appropriate support and helpingusers find a comfortable and relaxing posture.

Feel Incredibly Comfortablefrom Head to Waist

Car headrest and waist pillow set gives you acomfartable experience like in a suspension tank,releasing the pressure from the head tothe waist.

Slightly Concave and Soft Neck Support

Slightly concave headrests fit the curve of the neck,which is better for relaxing when the
head rests on it

Multi-point and 3D Support

Ergonomic design with a curved support on both sides and a middle concave support offers a per-fect match to the curve of the waist, achieving a3D support.

Selected Air Layer Fabric Skin-friendly and Wear-resistant

The surface of the pillow contacting with the body is made of high quality air layer fabric.which is soft and delicate, while polyester makes it wear-resistant and antipilling. Theback side is made of cotton blend fabric withhigh yarn number for good elasticity and wrinkle resistance.

Double Breathable Design for Sweat Releasing

The headrest with ventilated holes in the middle helps speed up the air flow and the air layerfabric is double breathable, cool and good forsweat releasing.

Thoughtful Details for a Comfortable Ride

Multiple Application Scenarios